Lives Tied Together, Venus 

There is an interconnectedness in which we can see one stream of flow running through the whole of life. Every kind of power lies inside this one thing we know by the simple name of love.

Within the ethereal realm, wherein all things circulate, Venus is pouring out her prophecies. This grace-bestowing archetype invites us to contemplate the rapture we feel for each other.

This ecstasy of coalescing comes from all our contact throughout hundreds of lives, combined with memories of the blissful state we spent reunited between lives. We may be strangers to each other, but we are kindred in spirit and on a collective level.

Collectively, a part of our subconscious mind related to the Venus archetype is coming to the surface. The winds of change are blowing, and emotions, like wild horses, run free and demand to be heard.

The archetype of Venus in our psychology invites us to consciously reach out, to meet, through sentimentality, with this complex state of feelings.

Our souls are calling for that power, and if we exert ourselves in this direction, it is willing to shower us with inborn gifts. By some stroke of destiny, we will be repaid for every effort made to realize that the distance between all of us is shorter than the sound of OM.  

Bearing in mind this animated image, allow me to invite you to find inspiration in your own divinity. 

Gently place your right hand over your heart and give yourself the space to wait and rest. 

As you breathe in, spread your fingers wide and press the molds of your fingers into the center of your chest. 

As you breathe out, in this mindful gesture, feel your entire system bowing down to your Soul.

In this sacred moment, you may visualize golden light growing out from your feet into the world that lies deep within the Earth’s center. 

Your heart is now connecting with the Heart of Gaia. 

Allow yourself to be clothed by her, to feel love through and through.

Our Gaia is polarised by the Sun. She holds the negative charge, the charge of rest, and passivity. 

 When we put our feet on the earth we draw in this passive, negative, yin energy into our system. 

It’s really quite simple and beautiful, isn’t it?

Over time, may this gentle practice deepen for you. In these simple acts, you will feel anchored and one with the fullness of your being. Strong in the body, strong in your knowing, and strong in the here and now.

Written by Sanja Kljaic
Animation by Kaja Horvat. Illustration by Lotte Budai 'Exchange ✧*'. With this story we wanted to set the scene for the Soul. The Soul gives life to all the nerves, limbs and organs of the body. It is constantly unfolding, manifesting, disclosing, and revealing its infinite being as you.

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