Cosmic Spirit Babies, Monica Sjöö

The story goes something like this…

“From the beginning of human time, ancient people knew that a child is not only the product of human sex; children are also the offspring of the earth's spirit, joined with astrological influences existing at conception and birth.

Earth was considered to be the home of children before they were born.

In Africa and Australia, for example, souls waiting to be born were believed to live under the earth or in rocks. Unborn children lived in fountains, springs, lakes, and streams, or in trees, bushes, and flowers, waiting to be born as human beings through the joined energies of the earth and moon. Festivals dedicated to the Goddess were the favourite times to conceive children. The moon’s monthly waxing was beneficial to an infant’s growth, and there were baptism rites where the baby was exposed to the moon, sun, and earth, incorporating the newborn within this celestial sphere, or “family.” (Great Cosmic Mother, by Monica Sjöö, 1987)

Behind Monica’s verses breathes a beautiful story. This artist linked the social, biological, and spiritual worlds and dedicated her entire present to reviving the past through words.

She points them out one by one reverentially: the original black mother, women as culture creators, female cosmology, spirit children, daughter and the cosmic serpent, witch, rebel, healer, tantra, and the world spine.

I have, of course, read with great enjoyment all 867 pages of her book and have learned much from it. Her words restore humility and re-align us with the great Mother energy. Perhaps, it is time for us to draw upon these old threads and weave them into a new tapestry for this modern era.

Moreover, the ancients presented an amusing theory: before coming to Earth, spirit babies exist in the Universe, swimming in a sea of Divine love weaving their destinies, observing, waiting, and checking things out before being born into a family, again.

So purely, so truly, these babies feel at home with the stars because they come with the knowledge that this is their true origin. 

They possess the gift of unconditional love because their home planet is full of this divine gift. This memory of unconditional love allows them to shine their Light and change long-accepted things for the better, some on a family level, others on a global one.

Before beginning the return trip, one or both parents may feel their baby's soul through prophetic inner dialogue. There is a sacred psychic link, a silver kind-of energetic thread that binds the spirit baby to its parents. 

The archetype of Eros comes through and opens the gateway for intuitive energy to be shared between them; hence Marcel Duchamp’s “Eros, c’est la vie” Eros is life.

It seems that over these things, one has no control. They come of themselves, carving their commandments in our hearts and minds.  Even our own minds may not be yet attuned to the intricacy of these connections.

Perhaps, gradually, through our guide’s eyes, our eyes might start zooming in. It happens in small illuminations, like a living memory that springs back to life. 

And so, I would love to ask you: have you experienced pre-manifestational awareness where your spirit baby is preparing you for their arrival? 

And more importantly, does it feel like your spirit baby is leading you hand in hand to that mystical land of unconditional love, a place many call ‘home’? 

Written by Sanja Kljaic
Animation by Lotte Budai. This write-up was inspired by the reading done for a dear friend. We were tuning into the existence of another more subtle, predestined dimension of the Universe. In this predetermined ecosystem, a motif emerged: spirit baby.

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