Your celestial wheel is an infinite field of consciousness that’s forever unfolding and realising itself… 

The way your planets and signs are positioned in your ‘birth chart’ guides us way back to the source of your creation, where active forces, gently and lovingly propelled your darling soul into earthly manifestation. Each of us, a mass of millions of atoms, consciousness with human roots and stellar ancestry. 

The alchemy of the cosmos that describes maleficent planets and challenging configurations is not the astrology I adhere to. No one nowhere is inhibiting or slowing you down.

We are not at the mercy of Gods or any other universal forces out of our control. We didn't come to pay off past life's karma but for the pleasure of discovering our own consciousness. Indeed, there are inherent archetypal meanings to planets and signs, but there is also this permeable force that triggers intuition and unfolds the alchemy of stars on an even deeper level.

you hold a seedling curiosity or are interested in exploring the shores of your birth chart, present or future chart - I'm here for you. You exist in many different layers, and I'm excited to explore how these layers of stars align to bring your way of being into the world.

1) Birth chart.

This shows us who you are as a unique source of energy. Here, we glimpse into your multiverse. Some of the themes that might come through are: past lives, subconscious mind, star lineage, ancestors, guides, dreams, purpose, your family, your lovers, your children. The list is endless. 

I translate by drawing real-life comparisons, which help me paint a picture of who you are. My intention is to organize your story in the best possible way so that the words I speak act as access keys to unlock your own remembering.

2) Transiting chart. 

This reading is like holding a magical mirror in front of you. It shows us your current energies and the unfolding of your new becoming. Here is where we look at your current aura, your 3D and 5D energies, and your four bodies: spiritual (heart), mental (solar), emotional (sacral), and physical (base).

3) Solar Return. 

This is where your higher self adds a beautiful awareness of what will be playing out from one birthday year to the other. Even though we can glimpse into the energies of your future by looking at the codes in your chart, bear in mind that this is a possible future, not the future. The reason for this is the following: through visions, premonitions, and predictions, we are only interpreting one energetic outcome, the energetic outcome based on your CURRENT state of energies i.e., if your vibration continues on the current track, the outcome will be the following…

4)TwinFlame/Soulmates Compatibility Reading

This helps us in understanding what each of you will feel and experience in this reunion. Here we look into your intertwined paths and how this love will elevate your own consciousness and the consciousness of humanity.

All readings aforementioned are provided to be of guidance to your soul's purpose. By coming together in a union with your ethereal self, you will notice new, uplifting energies entering your life. These energies will help in awakening the sacred and creative gifts that live within you, gifts that can only come through from you.   Allow them to reach you through the channels of ancient memories and mould you into your true existence.

It is all about the Self as it remembers the ethereal self.