In Surrender to the Soul

The Earth attracts and receives the spirit of the Sun, the Moon, and all the other heavenly forces.  Just as the Earth receives these energies, so does our physical body. The spiritual forces that descend from above and the forces that rise from the Earth meet in our hearts in the form of two triangles.


Seated on the throne of the heart temple is the divine master. This master of our being is called the Soul. This individualised cosmic entity links up with us from the time we are born.


Regarding this, a famous citation, that of Emanuel Swedenborg, comes to mind:


“The inner master-self is as distinct from the outer self as heaven is from earth… for heaven is within us, the heaven within us is our acknowledgment of the Divine and our being led by the Divine.”


We may wonder what it can be, in Swedenborg’s words, that can exert such a natural power upon the human heart. The Law of One would appear to be operating here, our present age being perhaps the suitable period for this knowledge to be generally known.


Like many others of his time, Swedenborg taught that everything on Earth corresponds to a spiritual reality, that the human is a map of the universe, and that everything in nature has some correspondence to something pertaining to the human being. In his writings, particularly in 'Arcana Cœlestia 1749', Swedenborg talks about the ‘heart,’ which corresponds to the celestial heaven, the part of heaven closest to the Divinity.


It probably does not surprise you that his contemporaries did not receive Swedenborg’s revelations well. Being tightly liked to his sun sign, Aquarius, Swedenborg continued his revelations and stayed entirely loyal to his Soul’s calling. I heartily recommend exploring him further but for now, let’s shift our vision away from this glorified misfit and carry on with the concept of the Soul.

As you may know, the Soul means movement and is related to the flow of life. When we are aware of our Soul, we are also, beautifully so, aware of the Soul of another, not in a cosmic sense, but in a terrestrial, present sense. 

Owing to its nature, each Soul runs on its own momentum and constantly searches for complementary energies to create a harmonious network. Our recognition of this Holly Presence inspires us to continue to trust life and signs found on the way and realise that all events, circumstances, persons, and things ultimately have a higher purpose.

The Wheel of the Soul; turns secretly. We may not see it, but we can feel it impulsing every single movement from moment to moment, moulding us into our true existence.


And so, you may ask - how to be in communion with the Soul? In answer to the “how?” I am bound to reply in short: settle nicely into your system, feel the centre where the heart resides, and bow down to it.


To tell you straightforwardly, dear reader, this practice is not an invention of my own. It’s not me who says this; it’s our ancient sages. I am simply bringing forward a suggestion that can be applied and put into a concrete form. You are in this body, here and now. It is time for us to bliss in and not bliss out. Blissing-in now and now in surrender to the Soul. In surrender to the Earth and in surrender to the humble things of the Earth.

Written by Sanja Kljaic
Animation by Lotte Budai. Lotte and I sent countless email letters to each other, amusing ourselves with this creation. We hope you feel resonance with our cosmic girl. Our assumption is that she is the Soul, living spherically - in many dimensions, expanding laterality within materiality.

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