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Hear Ye the Magnificence of Earth’

In the Golden Era of Hollywood, three daring and dramatic actresses wore trousers and rebelled against patriarchal expectations of their ‘roles’ as women. The Holy Trinity of liberated Earth signs, Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich and Katharine Hepburn entered the scene and rocked Hollywood on its heels. They disrupted the industry with their style and personality and played a fundamental role in championing women’s roles during the Golden Age of motion pictures.  

Interestingly, these women did not exude ‘sex’ in their persona, yet they could transform on-screen into glamorous goddesses. This indicates the archetype of the feminine goddess is not only comfortable and gratified in her exotic half-nakedness but also in how she carries her personality in her second skin, the clothes. The archetype of tenacious and sensual Taurus and the red-headed, angular prima donna in the making, Katharine Hepburn, demonstrates this.

When Katharine was born in 1907, the star of light, the Sun, found itself in harmony with both the Moon and Mercury. The three planets simultaneously entered the part of the heavens wherein lies the constellation of Taurus 1The stellar constellation of Taurus 2  is relative to motion and work 3, and as such, embodies the archetypal energy of Rama the Highest, the seed sound center of the umbilical Manipura, the solar plexus power chakra.

The archetype of Taurus symbolises the ability to move the earth, she ploughs and prepares the soil so the Spirit may descend into matter and grant one that which is asked for. Voice, in particular, has been affiliated with Taurus, "in the beginning." says the Mystical Gospel "was the Word (logos) of life."

When something is vocalised, it carries a frequency that facilitates communication between the thyroid gland and the solar plexus chakra. In other words, the stories we choose to tell ourselves and the world have the power to activate or deactivate the solar fire that fuels our existence.

There is an interesting divinatory aspect located in Katharine’s 1st house, close to her ascendant in Scorpio 4 this aspect is P. of Fortune in Scorpio 5 and Earth in Scorpio 6 The meeting of these two divinatory energies led Katharine to follow the secret principle of the Scorpio archetype - if it’s hard to do it, do it,  it’s better for your character. She found joy in uncovering the core, fixing Scorpio’s tail at a target, and not allowing anything to distract her aim.

She always strove to improve her performance 7, and if told she couldn’t, it only spurred her on further. She was known to be hard on people she worked with but no rougher on them than she was on herself. What you saw is what you got This was not a fabricated alter ego; this was who she truly was.

the world doesn't owe you a thing, learn to cope with whatever you have to cope with.

From a vibrational perspective, Katharine brought into line Scorpio and Taurus, two forces that sit on opposite sides of the zodiac. Intertwining the two helped her emulate her higher self and align with the grander consciousness of her divine blueprint 9

Scorpio and Taurus are a partnership of opposites, the meeting of ‘intuition’ and ‘ambition,’ fixed power of ‘persistence,’ and ‘fidelity of effort.’ Add a sprinkle of bull’s Venusian sensitivity to beauty, and you get an individual with a lust for all the pleasures of life:

perfection is thrilling even if you practically never achieve it
10 11 

She was born into a progressive Connecticut family, one of five children, “we were like a Chekhov play.” One can only imagine intellectual debates and stories flying around a bustling table. The Hepburns were not scared to hold controversial positions in the post-Victorian age. They encouraged all of their children to advocate for themselves, to be confident and fearless, to work hard, and to pursue their dreams. This played an immense role in Katharine's career 12.

“I had a fascinating mother and a fascinating father, once when I shaved my head my parents thought great, they didn’t have to brush my hair or wash it”.

During her college years, Katharine suddenly announced her desire to become an actress. While considered to be haughty and inaccessible, Katharine married her college sweetheart Ludie. However, the excitement of marriage only lasted a few years; Katharine wanted independence 13.

In New York, dressed in casual clothes and embracing her Taurean free-spirited personality, Katharine sought the bright lights of Broadway and immediately attracted attention, more for her magnetic 
Pluto/Venus style than her acting.

With no training and an outspoken attitude 14, she initially did not get very far. After a few years of infrequent roles, Katharine landed a perfect role as an Amazon warrior queen. The theatre industry and audiences alike recognised her as a star in the making. 

“my mother was very glad to see me do something other than marry, I wasn’t fit to be married, because I only thought about myself”

She was well on her way to the city of angles to become Katharine Hepburn, the legendary movie star. Her unusually strong-willed, inherent double-Taurus personality was recognised by George Cukor 15, and Hollywood quickly becomes enamoured with Katharine. In less than a year, she outgrew the stereotype of a Hollywood leading lady and became a star 16

Her career in film wasn’t always 'smooth sailing over the horizon’, but she was undeterred by the difficulties and was never discouraged. She rolled up her sleeves, summed up her forces, and began challenging herself 17 “if you don’t paddle your own canoe, you won’t move.”

What got her through was a famous part of the psyche that often gets misrepresented – her enormously centred ego. Indeed, there was nothing small about Katharine’s ego, she innately knew that ego was her spirit’s best friend and companion and allowed that aspect of her psyche to drive her.

To a well-known psychoanalytic ‘hierophant’ of archetypal initiation, Carl Gustav Jung 18, the ego is the center of the field of consciousness, the part of the psyche where our conscious awareness resides our sense of identity and existence, viz: the Sun-imbued creative forces.  

“I have been absolutely petrified all my life, and as I am totally one-tracked, I look at the thing in front of me and just hope I’m going to drop dead before it happens”.

Yes, she was afraid and doubted herself, but she did it anyway 19. She lived by the principle of - if you are going to do something, do it all the way; don’t do it halfway; if you have to throw up, throw up, and then do it 20.

For a person who cherished her privacy, Katharine was always attracted to the kind of man that would generate the most press. To general surprise, the masculine, rough, and married Spencer Tracy, 21 was Katharine’s 22 ‘lifetime lover’. Their chemistry certainly was of supernatural origin and a true meeting of divine counterparts 23 24

Divine counterparts recognise each other at the soul level, their meeting sends a sudden, revelatory jolt to the head, where DNA cracks open and release codes that illuminate every cell in the body. Through these connections, each soul reaches out, meets another and recognizes its own magnificence. Soul speaks to soul and within milliseconds a chemical reaction takes place transforming both forever. 

With Katharine and Tracy, we witness the love that is love at first smell, at last smell, at every smell, like Dante's love for Beatrice, Tristan's for Isolde, and Solomon's for Sheba. She admired his ruggedness; she devoted herself to him and let him take the lead: 

“What attracted me to Spencer was magic.”

Hepburn and Tracy made nine films together, the most popular of which are those where they portray sparring partners and rivals. “We passed all those years together in what was to me absolute bliss, it’s called love.” Tracy, an Irishman to the fingertips, was firmly under the thumb of the Catholic Churchianity and, as such, would never conceive to divorce from his wife. Despite this, as divine counterparts, Katharine and Spencer remained together for 27 years until his death.

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Venus the ruler of her Sun sign is in the 5th house marking her as the person who was 'in front' of the public, selling luxury rather than necessity. 


As an earth sign, Taurus is loved by Mother Earth. She, in herself is a generator of a powerful magnetic field of manifested reality.


Sun, Moon and Mercury conjunct in the 7th house within the western hemisphere of the chart demonstrates Katharine's predisposition to work first, play later and aim toward achieving goals. This conjunction marks her with solid physique, steadfast mind and unyielding emotional body which contributed greatly to her immense capacity for hard work.


Katharine’s ascendant is at 7° degrees of Scorpio. This placement indicates that an individual has a strong need for independence, also it marks one with  sharp intelligence and a sharp tongue. Number 7 marks an individual with extraordinary destiny and sometimes demands sacrifices, on both material and interpersonal areas of life.


Part of Fortune also called ‘Fortuna’ is a vortex point of energy where luck and magic lie in your life. It gives you the instinctive foresight of yourself and your greatest fortune. Fortuna in Scorpio/1st house predisposes one with a great deal of magnetism and charm. Ultimate success is derived from acting independently and fearlessly in front of the unknown and meeting life’s situations head-on.


The greater metaphysical paradigm of Earth in the celestial sphere of cosmos symbolizes the standpoint in the Garden of Eden from which the divinatory moment is being oriented. In other words, Earth symbolises the adventure our soul has chosen. Katharine’s darling soul choose to experience life through continuous transformation, learning and relearning.


Fixed mode dominant in the chart. Uranus in Capricorn in the 3rd house, she thought very much on a personal level about her connection between an actor and the audience: ‘who am I to you’, and ‘who are you to me’ She felt she owed it to the audience to do her best.


Ascendant trine Neptune lifts the veil of fear and crystalizes ALIGNMENT. Independence was Katharine’s foundation for strength and success. Like the cat with one-foot in and one-foot out Katharine nurtured these qualities in order to stay in firm ALIGNMENT with her calling and with her own personal infinite divinity (Neptune conjunct N. node).


Ascendant ruler Pluto. Pluto in Gemini in the 8th house - her life’s quest was to reconcile the opposing forces within and to bring about internal harmony.


Saturn in Pisces/5th house brings some of the most beautiful creations into this world. Katharine cultivated a ‘life of plenty’ (Saturn sextile Sun/Moon), planting the seeds with loving intent and expecting abundant life in return. This stellar aspect strengthened her belief in what she is doing.


As the tides of life rise and fall, Katharine held on to the embodiment of qualities and values that served her and as such maintained a strong belief in personal self-worth. Saturn in sextile with both Sun & Moon invites one to connect to the beauty in the world and overflowing abundance of the universe, and to trust that ultimately, ‘as you sow, so shall you reap’.


Aquarius sitting in the 4th house indicating that one comes from an unconventional and enterprising family. Katharine had a strong sense of belonging within the family unit and rootedness in the inner core of herself (Chiron sextile Venus).


There is an interesting conversation happening in the 7th house between Pallas and Vesta – as one cannot please everybody, one may as well please oneself. Dedication to the cause of the inner fire and to the feminine spirit of independence.


Pallas square MC indicating that there are sacrifices one needs to make in order to obtain their most cherished goals.


The woman-whisperer. Little Women, The Philadelphia Story, A Star Is Born, My Fair Lady are some of his most accomplished works.


The Morning Glory, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, The Lion in Winter and On Golden Pond led her to the Academy Award for best actress.


Mars in opposition with Jupiter shows that Katherine continuously worked to increase her internal sense of values. With Jupiter and Pluto settled in Scorpio’s own house, the urge here is to discard what is outgrown to make way for the new; to rediscover certain values, to learn to live these values and make them important.


In his sessions, Jung psychologized the magical effects of archetypes and ancestors that he called the collective unconscious. His aim was to bring patients closer to an emotional experience of the God within.


Sun trine Mars aspect indicates that her soul urged her to release some of the real greatness that was locked within her and that she was always conscious that this greatness was there, and that it had to come out.


Uranus in Capricorn in the 3rd house strongly focuses on achievement and self-discipline of the mental realm. Kate had the ability to think and act freely, unhampered by conventional attitudes and opinions (Mars conjunct Uranus).


Tracy’s Venus in Taurus aspects Katharine's Sun sign in Taurus. The love he had for her was as deep and profound as the love she had for him. They both absorbed each other’s earthiness.


Katharine’s Venus the ruler of her Sun is located in the 6th house in the sign of Aries. This not only indicates that she is most likely to find love at work but also that this significant other will carry the energy of the Aries archetype. Spencer Tracy had his Sun in Aries.


Katharine’s Sun in trine with Tracy’s ascendant. Sun/Ascendant trine and Moon/Ascendant sextiles are like mirrors and magnets that act on each other.


Tracy’s MC and P of Fortune in Scorpio aspects Katharine’s Ascendant in Scorpio. Katharine’s Vertex in Gemini aspects Tracy’s Moon in Gemini. Vertex is another divinatory point of the chart indicating fated encounters with people, places, and situation with whom one feels an unwavering and profound connection. Tracy’s Vertex in Leo in the 7th house aspects Katherine Hepburn’s MC in Leo.